Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bought & Sold: An Investigative Documentary About the International Trade in Women

Déjamal Jones Documenting Social Injustice Laurie Little December 7, 2013 Bought & Sold The thought of buying and selling people is as about low and primitive of any nature. To think that in this day and age people still offer each other over as awards or retail in is vile, especially when you look into all of the corrupt ways people go about it within the market now a days. In the film “Bought & Sold: An Investigative Documentary About the International Trade in Women” , the production company sought out to bring light to the dark and cruel world behind women trafficking. The area they worked in most was Russia but there is nearly some sort of business within every country for this industry. The girls aren’t simple women who are looking to sell themselves, but for the most part are taken away from their home and are forced to commence in acts they do not find fit. Some of the girls are told stories about a better life for them in the states and that they will be able to create a new source of income for their starving families. The poverty in Russia and other foreign countries is so great that when these girls get light of opportunity they’ll take it. The issue is that when the girls do come to the states it is nothing as they had imagined. From the second they step out of their lives they are trapped into a new one that consists of abuse, dehumanization, and criminalization. These girls make little to no money to send home let alone feed them selves while the owners get rich by the day. This business is completely one sided and doesn’t seem to have an end at their of road. These girls could eventually find some way to get out but that is very unlikely. The best be for someone trapped in this situation is to get out and escape as soon you reach the states.

Anti-Social Injustice


Tuesday, November 5, 2013